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Fundraising Campaign

For their year-end fundraising campaign, nonprofit organization RISE wanted to uplift the voices of their clients with the goal of raising $40,000. I helped RISE raise over $48,000 using a mailed letter, video, social media campaign launched on Giving Tuesday, and introduced a brand new peer-to-peer fundraising component.

Grant proposal application

Private Foundation Grant Proposal

Greatly in need of funding for their highly impacted counseling program, nonprofit organization RISE sought funding from a local private foundation. This successful proposal brought $45,000 to the organization at a time when it was desperately needed.


Government Grant Proposal

A successful proposal for nonprofit organization RISE, the Cal-OES Victim Advocacy in Detention Facilities grant brought $172,500 in new funding to the organization, enabling the creation of a brand new, interagency collaborative  program and expanded services to new populations.


Marketing Materials

Tapestry Solutions (now Boeing) needed marketing materials for a wide variety of purposes to reach potential employees, potential customers, industry partners, as well as staff. Using polished graphic design and well written content, I helped them tell their story effectively.


Event Support

Lots goes into organizing an event! For nonprofit organization RISE's annual Wine Women & Shoes fundraising event, I created and ran their ticketing and peer-to-peer fundraising websites, promoted the event on social media, ran day-of registration, and created event signage and swag, supporting this successful event for the past 5 years.

Impact Reports.png

Annual Impact Report

To thank their donors and share the impact of their work in the community, I worked with nonprofit organization RISE to release their annual impact reports as traditional letters one year and postcards the next. The impact reports were also shared widely as printed handouts and online on the RISE website, social media, and e-newsletter.

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